Less friction

Nanorade´s properties also create lower friction against the floor, which results in increased run time of the batteries.

Because of the water repellent function, less force is needed to collect water from the floor.

Dirt repellent

Nanorade´s unique material formula keeps the squeegee hygienic after use. The material has a longterm ability to be dirt-repellent, which is an advantage when replacing the squeegee.

Nanorade is the difference between wet and dry

We have followed the development.

Now we want to lead it.


We know from experience what kind of performance you want from a squegee and have focused on the features required for perfect cleaning results. We have analyzed the problems of existing squeegee materials and developed a new product. Nanorade.

   Nanorade with its unique rubber formula results in, increased durability, optimal water pick up and reduced friction. These are the key features for improved performance of a scrubber dryer. With Nanorade, run time between service intervals is extended and it reduces the amount of water used – the result being better cleaning performace and economy for the user.

Whatever the surface, choose Nanorade – the next generation of squeegees.

Customize color and design

Nanorade can be manufactured in different colors, thickness and with optional logotype according to customer requests, which ensures a unique design.

Improved water pick up

The elasticity of Nanorade ensures improved water pick up, regardless if the surface is completely smooth or made of floor tiles.

Better result – less energy

Nanorade gives you a perfect cleaning result even when using less water. With Nanorade you will be able to lower your energy costs.

Long life performance

Nanorade has optimized durability and thereby increased lifetime without sacrificing other properties, such as elasticity and flexibility.